Young Mathematicians' Network (YMN) 

The Young Mathematicians' Network was founded in July 1993 to address issues of concern to junior mathematicians.  We manage a monthly electronic newsletter, Concerns of Young Mathematicians, consisting of articles covering a wide range of topics of interest to those who are in the early stages of their careers in mathematics; these articles are generated from submissions to our online community located at

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Our aim is to serve the community of young mathematicians by:
       maintaining an active online community where young (and aspiring) mathematicians can go to ask questions about all aspects of this discipline;
       sharing new and interesting news about the world of mathematics;
       acting as a forum for undergraduates and graduates to share thing of interest in these unique cultures;
       providing information about career options and job searches from both the inside and the outside (including an honest discussion about the job market and its future);
       serving as a support group for those on the job market as well as those just starting jobs by sharing stories about job searches, joys and trauma of teaching, issues with work and family life, etc;
       disseminating information on publishing, grant proposals, obtaining industry jobs, and other things which many of us did not get in school;
       sharing new and interesting research news; 

What we do:

Our editorial board consists of 33 professors and students, and we have a closed email list on which to discuss important matters and to plan events.  Several YMN Board members are Project NExT Fellows from various years.  We organize and sponsor several activities, including running an online interactive newsletter, Concerns of Young Mathematicians, which covers issues of concern to mathematicians at the beginning of their careers, publishing a monthly email digest of Concerns of Young Mathematicians, and running an annual town meeting at the January Joint Meetings. At the Joint Mathematics Meetings we also run several panel discussions and co-host a poster session with Project NExT, and we have several events that we organize at the Mathfest.  Here are some sample panels that we organized:  Career Options for Undergraduate Mathematics Majors, and This Could be YOUR Graduate Research!)


You can join the YMN by subscribing to the Concerns newsletter or create an account on our online interactive newsletter. With this account one can
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 Editorial Board

Concerns is administered by a volunteer Editorial Board, headed by Ralucca Gera, an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Naval Postgraduate School.  Contact information for Ralucca:

e-mail: rgera @ nps . edu
phone: 831-656-2230 

For more information about YMN, please contact Ralucca Gera or see our website at

Ralucca Gera,
Chief editor